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Forehead Lift (Browlift) in Manhattan, NYC

BrowLift | Forehead Lift | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)As aging occurs, the eyebrow region can descend over the eyelids and lose its gentle, arched shape, causing a tired, angry appearance in both women and men.  The appearance of tiredness is increased as the forehead weighs on the upper eyelids, creating excess folds of skin.  Browlifts, also known as forehead lifts, can revitalize drooping or lined foreheads by elevating the tissue over the eyes to its more youthful position, leading to a bright and rested look.  

At his practice in New York City, Dr. Mark Schwartz uses either traditional or minimally invasive methods, browlifts involve the removal or alteration of the muscles above the eyes to smooth lines and raise the eyebrows to a more youthful appearance. The procedure is often combined with other operations such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and facelifts to improve the look of the eyes and other areas of the face.

While browlifts are typically performed on patients aged 40 and above, anyone in good health who would benefit from elevating a low brow position is eligible. The shape of the eyebrow in men and women differs, and this difference is maintained even though the brow is lifted to a new and more youthful position.

The Browlift Procedure

A standard, or open browlift is performed through an incision just behind the frontal hairline across the scalp to the temporal regions.  The incision may be placed further back to minimize its appearance in patients with thinning hair or who are bald. This approach allows for removal of extra skin, lifting the eyebrow to a more youthful position.  In addition, the forehead muscles causing the horizontal and vertical lines can be weakened.  The forehead lift procedure can also be performed using a limited incision technique which can elevate the sides/outer portion of the brow, or through a single incision in the natural skin crease of the upper eyelids.

The advantage of the open procedure is its longer lasting results and ability to precisely reposition the entire brow under direct vision.  It may however cause more numbness to portions of the scalp, as well as thinning of the hair overlying the scar.  Conversely, the short scar technique has less potential for numbness and thinning of the hair but the results may have diminished longevity.     

Both procedures are typically performed in the outpatient setting, and may be done with either a sedation/twilight or general anesthesia.  The sutured wounds are removed approximately seven to ten days after surgery.  Many patients return to work in one to two weeks and begin more strenuous activities in about four weeks.   

Complications are infrequent but may include infection, bleeding, abnormal scars, temporary numbness or nerve injury, and the need for revisional surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about a Browlift in New York City, call 212-737-9090 to schedule a consultation.

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