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“Thighs that are Skinny-Jean Friendly”

Thigh lift is a body sculpting procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the upper legs to give the thighs a firmer and slimmer contour. It is ideal for treating thighs that look out of proportion with the rest of the lower body, including the buttocks and abdomen. Dr. Mark H. Schwartz is a trusted board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City who has helped multitudes of patients enjoy more attractive thighs and, as a result, greater body confidence.

Thigh Lift Candidates

Thigh lift candidates are usually conscious of loose, saggy skin and excess fat deposits on the outer and/or inner thighs. In some cases, thigh lift candidates have lost a substantial amount of weight, but are plagued with loose skin and thigh contours. Surgery is the most effective way to address these concerns, as diet and exercise do not have an effect on loose thigh skin.

All thigh lift candidates are considered on an individual basis by Dr. Schwartz. He performs a physical examination of the candidate’s thighs and overall body type, noting factors like skin elasticity and the location of surplus fat deposits. He inquires about the candidate’s ideal results, and explains whether that outcome is realistic. Dr. Schwartz then explains the procedure in great detail.

Thigh lift NYC

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Procedural Details

Dr. Schwartz performs thigh lift on an outpatient basis at his on-site operating suite or in-patient at the hospital. The patient is given a general anesthetic by a board-certified anesthesiologist and carefully monitored throughout the procedure.

Depending on the amount of excess skin, an inner (medial) thigh lift may require an incision in the groin area alone, and is ideal for patients with a moderate amount of skin and fat in the inner thigh area. Patients with more skin and fatty tissue may require a vertical scar extending down the thigh as well. Dr. Schwartz makes the incisions where the scars can be hidden by clothing.

An outer (lateral) thigh lift involves an incision extending from the flanks and back, and can often lift the buttocks in addition to the thigh.

Through the incision, Dr. Schwartz removes excess skin and fatty tissue. He reshapes and tightens the skin and underlying leg tissue. He often uses liposuction at the same time to remove surplus fat deposits. These maneuvers result in a firmer thigh contour. When he is finished making the surgical modifications, he closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures.

Recovering from Thigh Lift

Thigh lift Manhattan

Post-operative side effects such as swelling and bruising are mild and quickly subside. Oral medication can be taken as prescribed to alleviate any discomfort. For the first week or so of recovery, patients must get plenty of rest and avoid any strenuous activities. Bending and heavy lifting are discouraged.

Dr. Schwartz provides comprehensive guidelines for recovery, and schedules follow-up appointments to check the patient’s healing progress. At this time, he advises when it is safe for the patient to go back to work, resume exercise and participate in normal activities.

Though everyone heals at their own pace, most patients are back to work within two weeks of surgery, and exercise within four to six weeks.

The thighs look smoother and more contoured almost immediately after surgery, although post-operative bruising and swelling obscure the initial results. Scarring gradually fades until barely visible.

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