Sciton NanoLaserPeel™

The NanoLaserPeel™ from Sciton is an advanced laser skin resurfacing treatment for rejuvenating dull, aging skin. The NanoLaserPeel employs light energy to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. The laser is able to penetrate to a deeper level of skin as well, stimulating the production of natural proteins that promote renewal from within the skin. It can be more effective than chemical peels or dermabrasion, which typically cannot reach far beneath the surface. The NanoLaserPeel is also a very safe treatment option as it does not use any harsh substances on the skin or damage layers of skin with excessive heat. Its accuracy at targeting a precise depth leaves patients with smoother, more youthful skin after a single treatment session.

This treatment is one of our favorites. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark H. Schwartz or to find out more about NanoLaser Peel.