What to Expect After a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (also known as abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tightens lax muscles to firm and flatten the stomach. Ideal for improving the body changes associated with pregnancy, significant weight loss and the natural aging process, there are a variety of tummy tuck techniques, and it’s important to understand […]

Can You Combine Liposuction with Tummy Tuck?

If a protruding abdomen with loose skin is preventing you from looking and feeling your best, there are several options for cosmetic treatment. Two of the most commonly requested body contouring procedures for unwanted skin and fat on the abdomen are liposuction and tummy tuck. For many patients, a procedure that combines liposuction and tummy […]

Body After Baby

Pregnancy has a major impact on a woman’s body, and it can be difficult for your abdomen to bounce back, even after losing weight and getting on the treadmill regularly. Though it is possible to lose the excess fat that accumulates over the course of pregnancy in the abdomen, hips and waist, over-stretched muscles and […]

Top Patient Questions about the Tummy Tuck Procedure

Choosing to undergo a tummy tuck can be a life-changing decision, so it’s important to know what exactly this procedure entails. This procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a popular choice amongst patients striving to achieve the ideal flat, tight tummy. To help you gain a greater understanding of this procedure, keep reading to […]

Tummy Tuck Scar Length and Placement

Questions about scar length and location are among the most common concerns that are discussed during a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) consultation. A tummy tuck consists of removing excess skin and “tightening” or repairing the separation of the underlying abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to make a horizontal […]