A Comprehensive Solution for the Lower Body

 Body Lift Surgery in NYC & ManhattanAn unpleasant side effect of dramatic weight loss is leftover loose skin that sags in areas below the waistline. Not only is this skin cosmetically unappealing, but it can also become easily irritated, infected, or restrict mobility. The only solution is surgical treatment. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Mark H. Schwartz offers a procedure known as belt lipectomy (also known as a lower body lift or circumferential abdominoplasty), which is designed to remove excess loose skin, restore a pleasing body contour and alleviate physical discomfort associated with the skin.

Body Lift Candidates

Typically, suitable body lift candidates have lost a significant amount of weight through bariatric surgery or dieting, and are frustrated with excess skin obscuring their results. The skin may appear on the hips, sides and fronts of the thighs, inner thighs, abdomen and lower back. Candidates may experience frequent chafing, rashes or infections from the overhanging skin.

To qualify for surgery, candidates should be non-smokers in good physical health. Weight loss should have stabilized, and candidates should follow sound nutrition and exercise habits. Psychologically, candidates should understand the realities and risks of surgery, and have reasonable expectations.

This operation provides the best opportunity to improve the overall body shape in a weight loss patient. This procedure is often thought of as a major life event not unlike the bariatric procedure itself. Dr. Mark H. Schwartz comes highly recommended for this procedure at his New York City practice.

Body lift after weight loss

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Procedural Details

In one procedure, the sagging skin of the abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks, hips, and waist is corrected. Incisions extend completely around the body to remove a “belt” of excess skin and fat. Similar to a tummy tuck, this scar is placed very low on the abdomen near the pubic region. It continues across the sides and along the lower back.

Through the incision, he removes an apron of excess skin and tightens the weakened abdominal muscles. He then repositions and tightens the tissues and lifts the remaining skin on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. Dr. Schwartz places deep sutures within the underlying tissues to support the body’s new contours. Similar to an abdominoplasty, the belly button is brought out through a new incision after the excess skin is removed from the abdomen. Drain tubes are placed under the skin to prevent fluid accumulation after the operation. When he is finished, he closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures and places surgical dressings. A compression garment is also placed for patient comfort and to control post-operative swelling. This scar is hidden by most undergarments and swimsuits.

General anesthesia is administered for the patient’s complete comfort, and a board-certified anesthesiologist monitors the patient throughout the entire operation for their safety. A belt lipectomy takes between three to five hours, depending on the extent of the work and the repositioning required during surgery.

Body lift techniques may be combined with liposuction techniques to smooth and contour areas of the body. In certain cases, Dr. Schwartz can incorporate a thigh lift or arm lift into the operation to tighten and tone the upper, inner thighs or arms.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Addresses the entire lower body
  • Most noticeable results
  • Additional scarring (though easily concealed)
  • Longer recovery

Recovering from Body Lift

Patients usually require a one to two night stay in the hospital. Dr. Schwartz suggests that you block out at approximately two to three weeks before resuming strenuous activity including work. A full recovery may take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Contact Dr. Mark H. Schwartz at his New York City practice for a consultation.

Belt Lipectomy in NYC Immediately following body lift surgery, patients rest in a recovery suite, where they are monitored and kept comfortable. Dr. Schwartz administers Exparel during the procedure. This is a non-narcotic, long-acting pain medication, which lasts for approximately 48 hours. Oral pain medication can be taken as prescribed. Patients usually require a one to two night stay in the hospital.

Dr. Schwartz suggests that you block out at approximately two to three weeks before resuming strenuous activity including work. Short walks are encouraged from early on to avoid blood clots. A full recovery may take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

Dr. Schwartz supplies comprehensive instructions for caring for the incision site, wearing the compression garment and reducing discomfort. He schedules weekly follow-up visits to check the patient’s healing progress, answer questions and clear the patient to return to work, exercise and other normal activities.

Typical Body Lift Results

Body lift results are visible almost immediately after the operation, and continue to improve as the body heals. The body shape looks more proportionate, and the skin tightly hugs the lower body. Swelling subsides in a few weeks and scars fade in a few months.

Why Choose Dr. Mark H. Schwartz for Body Lift

Dr. Schwartz is one of New York City’s most trusted body lift surgeons. He has a proven track record of success and a long list of patients that happily enjoy a better body shape. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Schwartz has more than two decades of surgical experience. He is honored as one of Castle Connolly’s prestigious “Best Doctors in the New York Area” and selected for the coveted New York Magazine Best Doctors. Dr. Schwartz is recognized as one of “ America’s Top Plastic Surgeons ” by the Consumer Research Council of America. He shares his expansive knowledge with medical students and resident doctors as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. He also holds long-term hospital appointments at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center (rated the best hospital in NY by US News & World Report), Hospital for Special Surgery and Lenox Hill Hospital , offering patients the combination of expert surgical skill and access to the best hospitals in the country.

Dr. Schwartz is also a caring, compassionate physician with an excellent bedside manner. The safety and satisfaction of his patients is his singular focus.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark H. Schwartz or to find out more about body lift (belt lipectomy).