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Laser Skin Treatments

Phototherapy-BBL Broad Band Light (IPL Equivalent)

What is Broad Band Light?

BBL is an innovative technology that sets new standards for skin conditions associated with aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. BBL energy allows Dr. Schwartz to precisely treat age and sun spots, small facial veins, and many other skin conditions at his practice in New York City NY. Your treatment will be tailored to match your skin type and your desired results.

How does Broad Band Light work?

The light energy delivered by the BBL will gently heat the upper layers of your skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas will stimulate your skin cells to regenerate new collagen. The process will restore your skin to its natural beauty, blending its natural colors and making it smoother, vibrant, and younger looking. In addition, the photothermal energy will eliminate fine vessels that cause redness and reduce unwanted melanin that produces pigmented lesions.

What conditions will Broad Band Light Treat?

  • Pigmented Lesions - Age Spots, Freckles
  • Vascular Lesions - Small Facial Veins, Rosacea, Red Spots
  • Acne, Uneven Skin Texture, Skin Firmness, Unwanted Hair

What areas can be treated?

Any area of your body can be treated. The most common areas are those most exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight. The most popular treatments are on the face, neck, back of hands, chest and shoulders.

How many treatments will I need and how long will each treatment take?

The number of treatments you may need will vary from patient to patient but are in the range of 2 to 5 treatments spaced at 3 to 4 week intervals. This is a gentle, noninvasive, and safe procedure which occasionally requires a topical anesthetic. The procedure itself can vary from several minutes to 30 minutes depending on the size of the areas treated and the type of procedure performed.

What should I expect after the treatment?

After the procedure, you may experience some redness that should resolve within a few hours. In most cases, you are able to return to work, apply makeup, and resume most of your activities immediately. For some pigmented lesions, you will see a darkening of the treated area followed by fading and flaking off at a later stage. Your treated skin will feel smoother, fine lines and pores will be less noticeable, and sunspots or uneven pigmentation will fade. Results depend on your condition, the number of treatments, and the area treated.

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MicroLaser Peel

“The Weekend Peel”-Superficial Skin Resurfacing

What is a MicroLaser Peel?

A MicroLaser Peel is an erbium laser peel which removes a thin layer of damaged skin to improve texture and provide a more youthful appearance. It can be thought of as a middle ground between microdermabrasion/light chemical peels and full skin resurfacing. It provides superior results because it can be administered with great precision of depth. At his office in New York City, Dr. Schwartz can custom tailor the treatment to your specific skin conditions and desired outcome.

How does MicroLaser Peel work?

The MicroLaser Peel’s beam is scanned over a treatment area to remove a very thin layer of skin. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged cells that can give skin a tired, aged look. As the skin heals, fresh cells grow and resurface the treated area. The result is healthier-looking skin, often with reduced wrinkles and improved color evenness. Patients often comment that their skin went from looking tired to vibrant.

What conditions can the MicroLaser Peel treat?

The conditions that are treated with a MicroLaser Peel are mild wrinkles, scars, keratosis, sun damage (ie, freckles), and pigment irregularities. Popular treatment areas are the face and neck, though some people also choose to treat the chest and hands.

How many treatments will I need and how long will each treatment take?

Excellent results can be obtained in just one treatment, however, the number of treatments needed may vary from patient to patient. Most patients achieve their goals after 2 to 3 treatments spaced 2 to 3 months apart. At his office in New York City, Dr. Schwartz can personalize a plan based on your specific needs and may chose to combine MicroLaser Peel with other aesthetic procedures to further personalize your treatment. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the procedure usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes.

Will it be uncomfortable?

One of the primary advantages of MicroLaser Peel is that it causes little pain because it does not penetrate very deep onto the skin. For most patients, a topical numbing solution is all that is needed. During the treatment, cold air is gently blown against the skin to facilitate your comfort. Since every person has a different threshold for pain, for those especially sensitive patients, Dr. Schwartz may suggest an oral pain medication.

How long will it take to recover?

Healing takes just three to four days. The procedure can be performed on a Thursday or Friday so you can return to work the following Monday. Immediately following the procedure you will notice that the skin resembles a sunburn. You will have minor sloughing on the second day. Redness will begin to fade by the third day and can be easily covered by makeup on the fourth day.

What aftercare do I need?

You will be given skin care products and instructions on how to use them. Your skin will be sensitive to sunlight after the procedure, so you must avoid direct sun exposure until fully healed. Dr. Schwartz recommends that you always use some type of solar protection to avoid sun exposure and premature aging of your skin.

When should I expect results?

Because only the outer layer of skin is treated, most patients notice an obvious improvement in tone, texture, and color evenness once the skin heals in approximately 3-4 days.

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