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Facial and Eyelid Surgery for Men

Male facelift surgery is growing in popularity since it has become more acceptable for men to be concerned with their appearance. Male facelifts are a great way to help fight the undesirable effects of aging, making you look rested and youthful, and ready to compete successfully in the most competitive job market ever. Although the procedure and results are very similar to those of female facelifts, there are some key differences that patients should be aware of.

Candidates for Male Facelift

Male Facelift | Male Eyelid Surgery | Male Blepharoplasty | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)A good candidate for a male facelift is in good physical and psychological health, wants to improve his appearance and is a non-smoker. The male facelift is designed to help minimize the effects of aging faced by men, including droopiness in the face, neck, and jowl area. Men are typically good candidates for a facelift because their skin is often thicker and less wrinkly than a woman's skin, which usually leads to better facelift results.

Men considering a facelift should have realistic expectations of what the procedure can do. You will discuss your desired results with Dr. Schwartz to ensure that your goals can be achieved through surgery at his practice in New York City NY.

Differences of a Male Facelift

The overall aim of a male facelift is the same as that of a facelift for women: to achieve a refreshed, more vibrant appearance using techniques that do not make you look like a different person. In both male and female facelifts, these results are obtained by first removing fat and excess skin on the face, and delicately remodeling muscles and tissue below the skin's surface. Because men are different than women, however, the male facelift utilizes techniques specifically designed to ensure the best possible results for men.

Since men often do not have the option of concealing scars under their hair, hiding potential scars can be more difficult. Therefore, the incisions made during a male facelift must be placed as strategically and inconspicuously as possible. The incisions are generally made in the natural crease between the ear and the sideburn, inside the ear, around the earlobe, under the chin, or back into the hairline.

Recovery and Results

A successful male facelift can make men look younger and help boost their confidence. Dr. Schwartz’s goal is to have people compliment you on looking good without them knowing that you had a facelift. Male facelifts are generally performed as an outpatient procedure with either a general anesthesia or IV sedation/twilight type of anesthesia. Patients return to work in approximately 10 days to two weeks, depending on the extent of the procedure.  Strenuous activity is usually resumed beginning two to three weeks after your surgery. Like all surgical procedures, the male facelift procedure does have potential risks that patients should be aware of. Men are more likely to have bleeding complications than women since the beard skin contains more blood vessels. Other uncommon risks include infection, abnormal scars, and nerve damage.

If you are interested in learning more about our Male Facelift procedures, call 212-737-9090 to schedule a consultation.

Male Eyelid Lift/Blepharoplasty

Male Eyelid Surgery | Male Blepharoplasty | Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Eyelid lifts are now the second most popular plastic surgery procedure for men. More than any other facial feature, the eyes have a tremendous impact on your appearance. Eyelid puffiness, wrinkles, and bags are a telltale sign of age and can prevent you from looking awake, alert, and refreshed even if you feel that way on the inside. Upper and lower eyelid lifts can correct the excess skin and fat that contribute to puffiness and bags, revealing a more youthful and energetic appearance.

Candidates for a Male Eyelid Lift

The best candidates for male eyelid lifts are in good overall health, do not smoke, or have any serious eye conditions. If you have loose, sagging skin or puffy bags around your eyes, this procedure can help reduce these unwanted effects and leave the eyes looking young and fresh.

While this procedure can enhance your appearance and may improve self-confidence as a result, it cannot alter the structure of your face or periorbital area.

Differences of a Male Eyelid Lift

The male eyelid lift procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure with either IV sedation/twilight anesthesia or general anesthesia. Patients may choose to have this procedure on their upper or lower eyelids, or both. Depending on these choices, the procedure can take anywhere from two to three hours.

If the upper eyelid is being treated, an incision is made along the natural crease of the eyelid. Once the incision is made, Dr. Schwartz may reposition fat deposits or remove excess skin in order to leave the eye looking younger and refreshed. For the lower eyelid, there are two choices for incisions: either just below the lash line (standard approach) when there is excess skin to be removed, or inside the eyelid (transconjunctival approach) when there is no excess or minimal excess skin.

While the technique for eyelid lifts is essentially the same as that used on women, there are several caveats and adjustments that are made. In general, men seek a more conservative, less obvious change. They wish to avoid a high upper eyelid crease, which is more typically a request made by women to allow better placement of cosmetics. Men wish to avoid any evidence of eyelid scarring and tend to choose the transconjunctival approach (incision inside the eyelid) for lower eyelid surgery when possible.

Recovery and Results

After the male blepharoplasty procedure, Dr. Schwartz recommends applying lubricating ointment and cold compresses to aid the healing process and minimize side effects such as swelling, bruising, irritation or dry eyes. Patients can usually return to work within five to seven days if an upper eyelid lift is performed alone, and approximately ten to fourteen days if the upper and lower eyelids are performed together. Exercise and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least two weeks. The majority of swelling and other side effects usually subside within two weeks after surgery.

Results of a blepharoplasty procedure in men are visible almost immediately. As the swelling subsides, the results will continue to improve for up to a year after surgery. The scars from the blepharoplasty procedure are usually extremely well-concealed and will fade with time until they are virtually unnoticeable. The incision is hidden inside the crease of the eyelid in an upper blepharoplasty, and just below the lashes or inside the eyelid in a lower blepharoplasty.

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with this procedure. Although rare, these risks include bleeding, infection, dry eyes, skin discoloration and visual difficulties. You can discuss these risks, along with any other concerns you may have, with Dr. Schwartz at his practice in New York City NY to reduce anxiety and worries about your surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about our Male Eyelid Lift procedures, call 212-737-9090 to schedule a consultation.

Rhinoplasty for Men

Rhinoplasty (commonly known as a "nose job"), refers to procedures that reshape the nose. Common problems corrected by a rhinoplasty include removing humps, reshaping a bulbous tip, changing the angle between the nose and mouth, and changing the shape of the nostrils. A rhinoplasty is not the same procedure in a man as it is in a woman. For instance, men tend to have thicker skin and cartilages, and require different techniques to achieve the results they desire.

Most men seeking rhinoplasty do not wish to dramatically change the appearance of their noses. While women commonly request a more delicate or feminine version of their noses, men frequently desire a strong nasal dorsum (profile) which is characteristic of a male nose. In addition, many men present to Dr. Schwartz’s office in New York City NY with sports-related injury or trauma and want their nose to return to a pre-trauma state without major changes.

The procedure is performed under IV sedation or twilight and generally takes two to four hours depending on the complexity of the operation. There are two main approaches to rhinoplasty, a “closed” rhinoplasty (incisions placed inside the nose), and an “open” rhinoplasty, an inconspicuous incision placed on the columella (the skin that separates the two nostrils). Most men return to work in one week, although men’s noses tend to stay swollen slightly longer than women’s.

If you are interested in learning more about our Male Rhinoplasty procedures, call 212-737-9090 to schedule a consultation.


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