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Plastic Surgery for Men in NYC

Dr. Schwartz performs plastic surgery for men in NYCMore than ever, men are making the choice to improve their appearance with cosmetic surgery. Safer and more reliable techniques, an increase in public popularity, and a competitive business environment where looks are almost as important as proficiency have led more men to improve their appearance. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that men had over 750,000 cosmetic procedures in 2010. This represents an 88% increase from 1997. The most common procedures for men in 2010 were liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid lift, gynecomastia (breast reduction), otoplasty (ear reshaping), and facelift. The most common non-surgical procedures were BOTOX, laser hair removal, skin care treatments including laser resurfacing and peels, and injectable fillers such as Juvéderm.

The commonly performed procedures are described below.

Liposuction for Men

Liposuction for Men Manhattan | New York City (NYC)Liposuction is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure for men in NYC. Liposuction can help men remove stubborn areas of fat that hinder their appearance and keep them from achieving the youthful, toned look they desire. This procedure removes fat by inserting a small tube into the body and suctioning out the fat, leaving patients with a slimmer, sculpted appearance.

Liposuction for men is most commonly performed on the abdomen, flanks, back, neck and chin. It can also be used to treat the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, knees, and hips.

Liposuction is also effective for treating gynecomastia, an enlargement of the male breast tissue seen in approximately 40% of men. Liposuction offers effective results with minimal downtime and practically no visible scarring. Many men with gynecomastia only have a small or moderate amount of fat tissue that needs to be removed and can usually benefit from liposuction.


The best candidates for liposuction are men who are in reasonably good shape overall, but may have one or more stubborn areas of fat that does not respond to traditional weight loss methods. Localized areas of fat often leave patients looking disproportionate and can lead to low self-esteem and other issues. These areas can be spot treated with liposuction to remove the excess fat and leave patients with a slimmer, more toned and proportionate appearance. Larger areas can also be treated, but it is important to remember that liposuction will not take the place of traditional weight loss.

After liposuction, patients must maintain their body weight through diet and exercise in order to prevent the removed fat from returning. Liposuction requires life changes and is not just a quick fix. Patients with realistic expectations are most satisfied with their results.


Liposuction is typically performed on an outpatient basis with a sedation/"twilight" anesthetic. If a small area is being treated it is sometimes possible to perform liposuction with just a local anesthetic and tumescent solution. Large volumes of liposuction or patient preference occasionally make general anesthesia an option.

At his practice in New York City NY, Dr. Schwartz performs male liposuction with the Power Assisted tumescent technique.  This is a safe, minimally invasive technique which works by delivering a gentle vibration within the fatty tissues.At his practice in New York City NY, Dr. Schwartz will make several tiny incisions and inject a local anesthetic (tumescent solution) into the area to help anesthetize, firm the fat, and constrict the small blood vessels, making it easier to remove the fat painlessly. A small cannula is then inserted through the incisions to loosen and suction out the fat using the power assisted liposuction device.


After the liposuction procedure, patients usually require one or two small sutures to close their incisions. Depending on how many areas are treated, you can return to work within a few days. Compression garments should be worn for several weeks to help minimize swelling and bruising and to help the area heal as quickly as possible.


After liposuction, men can expect results to be visible right away, even when the area is swollen. Results will become more evident as swelling subsides, and will continue to improve for several months before full results are present. Scars from the liposuction procedure will also fade and are usually completely healed within a few months.

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