A Laser Peel for Intermediates

Laser resurfacing is a safe, precise way to improve years of accumulated skin damage, and these treatments span the spectrum from light and superficial to deep and intense. The MicroLaserPeel falls right in the middle, offering significant improvement with just three to four days of recovery time.

Taking less than 30 minutes, the MicroLaserPeel uses a combination of light ProFractional and Erbium resurfacing to remove the top layer of damaged skin so it can be replaced with fresh, healthy cells as the skin heals. Because the MicroLaserPeel goes deeper than the milder NanoLaserPeel, it can improve the appearance of mild wrinkles, scars, and discoloration while enhancing the skin’s tightness. The face and neck are the most commonly treated areas, but some patients decide to treat the chest and hands as well.

A topical numbing cream is applied before the MicroLaserPeel to minimize discomfort, and cold air is blown on the skin continuously to keep it cool throughout the treatment. Since every patient’s pain tolerance is different, oral pain medication may be prescribed if necessary. The skin will be pinkish or reddish—similar to a sunburn—immediately after treatment and you may experience mild peeling the second day after treatment. The redness begins to dissipate three days after treatment, and a tinted moisturizer or concealer can be used to conceal any lingering redness after four days. Improvement in the skin’s texture and evenness is visible immediately, and new collagen growth beneath the skin’s surface continues to enhance results in the months following the MicroLaserPeel.

Park Avenue plastic surgeon Dr. Mark H. Schwartz can customize the MicroLaserPeel to address specific concerns and desired outcomes, and although one treatment provides significant results, in some cases it may take two or three treatments spaced a few months apart to obtain optimal results, especially in cases of more damaged skin. Dr. Schwartz may recommend additional treatments or procedures such as injectable fillers or Botox to address other signs of aging that lasers cannot, such as deeper lines and loss of facial volume.

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