Options in Body Contouring Post-Bariatric Surgery

With normal, gradual weight loss, the body and skin often transform and tighten as the body gets smaller. However when someone loses massive amounts of weight, especially following bariatric surgery, the skin and supportive tissues don’t always return to normal body size. This can leave stretched, sagging skin hanging from the body.

Body contouring surgery, performed after bariatric surgery, can address the sagging skin and excess tissue that some patients experience. Plastic surgery after weight loss not only removes the extra skin and fat, it also improves the shape of the underlying tissue, leaving curves and contours in its place. It can also give the body a more natural appearance, and increase the elasticity of the skin.

Body Contouring Options

Body contouring surgery is not one-size-fits-all treatment. There are different surgical procedures that target different areas of the body and not all patients have the same issues and needs. Here are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures after weight loss.

  • Facelift. A facelift tightens skin around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth, removing fine lines and wrinkles. It also fixes the sagging skin around the face, jaw, and neckline that can occur after weight loss surgery.
  • Breast Lift. Post-bariatric surgery, many women complain of sagging, flattened breasts. A breast lift returns breasts to their natural place, while tightening and firming the skin and tissue.
  • Lower Body Lift. After extreme weight loss, the lower body often suffers the most from sagging skin and displaced, stretched tissue. This post-bariatric surgery removes the excess skin on the abdomen, butt, groin, and outer thighs.
  • Thigh Lift. When people experience rapid weight loss, one of the areas they develop sagging skin is on the inner and mid-thigh regions. A thigh lift removes the excess and returns the body to a more proportional, contoured form.
  • Brachioplasty. A brachioplasty removes the sagging skin and fat deposits from underneath the upper arms. It makes the upper arms more defined and firm, and often gives them a slim appearance.

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