Say Goodbye to Acne Marks

Acne lesions often take months to years to fade away, leaving darkened patches and scar tissue. These areas can be difficult to improve with topical creams alone. If acne has left skin discoloration or scars behind, laser treatments such as Sciton’s ProFractional Peel can go far to improve skin tone and texture and reduce pigmentation.

Dr. Mark H. Schwartz is a longtime user of the advanced ProFractional laser, which is used to create thousands of microscopic channels while leaving the surrounding skin intact. The resulting healing process works to stimulate new collagen production, in turn smoothing the appearance of acne scars. The ProFractioal laser can also be used to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, eyelids, face, and neck.

Board-certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Mark H. Schwartz personalizes each patient’s ProFractional laser treatment plan based on the severity of scarring and desired downtime. With this treatment, you can typically return to work and normal activities in a few days with minimal downtime. Dr. Schwartz will instruct you to avoid direct sunlight for several weeks after the procedure as your skin is healing. The surface of the skin will tend to flake and peel slightly, revealing fresh, new skin that is smooth and tighter.

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