Spider Veins: Causes And Treatment

A number of factors cause a person to develop spider veins and varicose veins. The following are some common causes:

  • Heredity: Having family members with vein problems can increase risk.
  • Medical history: Being born with weak vein valves can increase your risk of developing spider veins.
  • Hormonal changes: These changes occur during pregnancy and menopause. Taking hormones, such as birth control or post-menopausal hormone replacement that contain estrogen and progesterone may contribute to the formation of spider veins.
  • Obesity: Being overweight puts added pressure on veins and can lead to spider veins.
  • Lack of movement: Working a job that requires a lot of standing or sitting can make your veins work harder to pump blood to your heart.
  • Blood clots: A history of blood clots can lead to this condition.
  • Ultraviolet rays: Exposure to ultraviolet rays can also be a cause.
  • Surgery: Previous vein surgery may lead to spider veins.

How To Treat Spider Veins

Laser treatment is a popular and highly effective method for vein removal. The ClearScan laser by Sciton® uses infrared laser energy to precisely target spider veins. The laser heats up the blood vessels, causing the walls of the vein to close and break down. The broken down materials are then absorbed by the body in a natural removal process, and are no longer visible. This treatment typically takes a few minutes to a half hour to perform, depending on the size of the area being treated. There is no downtime following treatment. Patients may experience some redness, which is normal and should disappear in a few days.

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