The diverse uses of Botox

It seems that maintaining a youthful, relaxed appearance has become an accepted (and expected) part of most people’s lives in 2012.  Sayings such as “I’ve earned these lines” or “My crow’s feet give me character” are heard less and less.  On the other hand, with the advent of cell phones, email, and text messaging, it seems that most of my patients are busy, on the go, and want a “quick fix” to look and feel better.  Botox can improve ones’ appearance without major downtime, making it the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment performed in the United States.   It is administered for cosmetic uses in many areas, including the glabellar or “worry” lines between your brows (“frown lines” or “number 11’s), forehead lines (horizontal), and wrinkles that form on the outside of the eyes (“crow’s feet”).

Botox is given as a series of injections into targeted muscle areas and works its magic by weakening their movement.  This helps to smooth out some of the most obvious signs of aging, giving a relaxed, softer appearance.  It can also prevent the deepening of existing lines, if it is maintained.

Botox is also used to control “hyperhidrosis,” the condition of excessive sweating in the underarms, soles of the feet, and palms of the hands. This can be embarrassing, frustrating, and unpredictable, especially if over-the-counter or prescription antiperspirants do not work.  Nothing is worse than showing up for an important meeting with embarrassing perspiration stains.  The heat wave we are experiencing in New York City is doing little to help.  Targeted Botox treatments block the nerves that stimulate sweat glands and safely decrease the amount of perspiration.

In order to minimize discomfort I like to apply a topical anesthetic to my patients at least 20 minutes prior to treatment.  I have found that combining this with the use of ice packs before, during and after treatment makes the actual injections more than tolerable.  Patients can have the treatment and go on with the activities of the day with few restrictions.

It takes about five to seven days until the Botox begins to work and its effects generally last anywhere from three to six months.

Whether you are interested in Botox for aesthetic reasons or to treat excessive sweating, I look forward to turning anyone’s frustration into confidence.   Please feel free to call (212) 737-9090 for more information or to schedule a consultation.